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Below you will find information about most major towns, villages, cities and other places to visit in the area. Being at the border of Spain and Portugal, we have picked some of the real highlights of both Extremadura (Spain) and The Alentejo (Portugal).

Where possible we have included information about key dates, events and attractions.

Alburquerque (Spain)

Alburquerque is a remote Spanish town basking in the light of its colourful history with a sense of modesty that is charming and inviting. Castillo de la Media Luna (the castle) offers massive views over northern Extremadura and across into Portugal. Footpaths and tracks lead off into countryside that has a diverse ecology and much evidence of pre-historic man. The town square is often bustling but the way of life is relaxed.



La Codosera (Spain)

La Codosera nestles between Alburquerque and the impressive Sao Mamede hills of Portugal. It is a simple and small Spanish town spilling over with nature trails and great walks into rich countryside. A Rio de Janiero style statue of Jesus Christ keeps a watchful eye over things from the privately owned castle on the edge of town. The locals enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and benefit from their proximity to similar Portuguese towns and villages, they even speak a blend of Portuguese and Spanish.

la codosera


Badajoz (Spain)

Badajoz has its fair share of everything a modern European city should desire, history, intrigue, monuments, museums, retail and leisure facilities and parks that invite visitors and locals to take it easy when the time is right. The annual carnival is noted as one of the best in Spain and climaxes in a huge samba parade that is visually and audibly an amazing experience lasting around 5 hours. Badajoz is a practical city, interesting and exciting and moving forward in tune with modern Europe. After a day out around town, winding down at the Arabic baths and dining late with the locals is a holiday must.



Cáceres (Spain)

Cáceres is a real gem in the portfolio of Extremadura. The city offers fantastic ancient and modern quarters and the two sit comfortably together. The internationally famous WOMAD Festival takes place in Cáceres every May and the city literally erupts with global colour. A hot agenda of cultural events keeps the city bustling, including Urban Screens Cáceres an annual outdoor audio visual spectacular. More a noted tourist destination than Badajoz, Cáceres conceals its fair share of stylish hotels and restaurants.




Merida (Spain)

Portalegre (Portugal)

Marvao (Portugal)

Castelo de Vide (Portugal)

Campo Maior (Portugal)

Olivenza (Spain)

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