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Becky and Martin moved to Extremadura from England in 2007. Previously they had set up and run a highly acclaimed vegetarian restaurant and a small café bar. Martin ran a successful design consultancy and often gave lectures in universities and colleges, whilst Becky was also a teacher and worked as a regional advisor for food related businesses.

Since moving to Spain they have refurbished the Alburquerque town house and are steadily learning the ropes of self-sufficiency in the countryside. They both speak good Spanish and are involved with the local community. Becky teaches English at a local academy.

Other projects

Camino de Corcho

Camino de Corcho (The Cork Way) is a project established by Martin to invite young designers, architects, ecologists and artists to understand and work with cork as a material for new products and ideas. Cork comes from the cork oak (quercus suber) and is prolific in Extremadura and the Alentejo. It forms an essential part of a unique and ancient eco-system that provides habitat for the Iberian Lynx, Spanish Imperial Eagle and Black Stork.

Presently the future of this region and eco-system is under threat as the demand for cork decreases. Most people know cork through wine bottle stoppers and as the wine industry hedges towards plastic, metal or rubber stoppers, cork, as a material, industry and eco system could be a victim of industrial carelessness. Martin, through his design workshops, is aiming to support new products and as such address the sustainability of the cork industry and the environment where the cork is grown.

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